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Epyx Winter Games Reloaded (E)

1.82 usd

Epyx® WinterGames: Retroedition (english/englisch) Winterspiele english version.Epyx® WinterGames: Retroedition challenges your skills in a series of different sporting events. You may show the world your skills in 10 different winter sports.
- Speed skating- Biathlon- Ski Jumping- Downhill skiing- Freestyle skiing- Figure skating- Figure skating: Long program- Slalom- Bob-Sled- Luge
Epyx® WinterGames: Retroedition allows you to play in an 8bit retro look or in the more modern 16bit look.
This new version of the game was specifically designed for touch navigation of pads and mobile phones.
You are free to choose for which of the 16 countries available you want to start. There are also different levels of difficulty to choose from. Before you enter the full competition, maybe some training will help you get better results? You can keep track of your improvements in all events and practices.
Thank you for buying Epyx® WinterGames: Retroedition. You have bought a complete game and will not be bothered by any In-App purchases or ads. All boni and extras the game has to offer are already available to you.
This is the english language version of Epyx® WinterGames: Retroedition!